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The ultimate solution for adventure lovers. Do you love spending time outdoors but are sick of coming home to a gritty, dirty mess?

We have the solution.... High-end artificial grass matting for perfect cleaning of both feet and living areas. Clean Feet is designed for the regular caravaner, the surfer or the beach enthusiast.

CLEAN FEET is designed so that you can always return to a perfectly clean car, tent, caravan and home. CLEAN FEET is also ideal for interiors, or entrances such as entrances to swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, caravans, we also manufacture specific sizes and shapes, for walkways, curves or steps. Thanks to the polyurethane base CLEAN FEET does not crack with time and the sun like rubber, remaining soft and durable. Its earth coloured base allows it to maintain a clean appearance, containing 5mm drains so that it can get wet as it is also waterproof.

CLEAN FEET is edged all around with thick nylon, which prevents the grass from fraying and increases its durability. It is earth-coloured to give it a cleaner appearance, as the edges tend to pick up more dirt. CLEAN FEET is 100% handmade in Spain, with Spanish materials.

Standard size 40x60cm

Clean Feet TW9

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