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Vaseline TW9 Silver Edition:


- With its application we manage to isolate the tattooed area from any external element (animal hair, dirt, dust, clothing fibres...) as the Vaseline is absorbed by the skin, thus creating this insulating layer.


- With Aloe Vera we get a regeneration of the tattooed area as it is one of the best natural regenerators.


- With the sunscreen protection +25 we achieve, in addition to protecting the applied area from the sun, that it does not overheat, as the vaseline when exposed to the sun would have what is known as the greenhouse effect (hence the myth that vaseline burns the colour).

- Another good thing about our petroleum vaseline is that it has a long lasting effect on the skin, so you don't have to apply it all the time, even if it rubs against your clothes, there will always be a thin protective film.


- Likewise, almost all creams, if not all, are absorbed by the skin, having the problem that any external element (animal hairs, dirt, etc.) would remain stuck to the skin, contaminating and infecting the tattooed area in the first 5 hours, where protection is very important for optimum healing, not to mention that almost all creams have accelerators derived from alcohol, such as panthenol.


- One of the most important things is that each body heals differently, with our vaseline we ensure that each tattoo of each person heals according to their body, diet, state of health, etc...

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