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• With the application of the vaseline TW9 we can isolate the tattooed area from any external element (animal hair, dirt, dust, clothes fibers….) since vaseline is not absorbed through the skin creating this insulating layer.


• With Aloe Vera the tattooed area is regenerated since it is one of the best

natural regenerators.


• With the solar factor 25 we can also protect the applied area from the sun, not overheating, since the vaseline exposed to the sun would do what is called the greenhouse effect (hence the myth that Vaseline burns color).


• Another good thing about our vaseline is its high density which makes it more durable on the skin, thus no need to apply continuously, even if rubbed with clothing there will always be a thin protective film.


• Also almost all creams, or better said ALL creams are absorbed through the skin causing the problem of any external element (animal hair, dirt ... etc) sticking to the skin, therefore contaminating and infecting the tattooed area in the first 5 hours where protection is very important for optimal healing, not to mention that almost all creams have alcohol-derived accelerators such as



• One of the most important things is that each body heals differently, with our vaseline we achieve that each persons tattoo, heals according to their body, diet, state of health etc.



Vaseline Golden Edition Display TW9

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