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This pack includes a TW9 Pen and the V2 coil machine (WITHOUT THE DUAL GRIP), both with textured baked paint available in a multitude of colors (Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Magenta, Army Green, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, Blue, Dark green, Brown, Bronze, Fuchsia pink...)

You can choose the configuration of the machine, whether you want it for a fine or medium line (Needles 0 - 11) or for a thick line and color filling (Needles 11 and up).
Additionally, you can choose whether you want to use it with cartridges and rod, or only for configuration with rod.

Pen TW9
Available in 3.6 mm or 4.2 mm strokes, adjustable at the needle exit using a threaded grip, you can choose the color combination you most want, including a combination of one or more colors.

Technical characteristics:
Travel: 3.6 mm / 4.2 mm.
Grip diameter: 38 mm.
Length: 100mm.
Weight: 160 gr.
Connection to the battery via RCA.
Made of high quality aluminum.
Brushless motor
PRM range: 8V-10000rpm
Working voltage: 4.5-12v
Max. voltage: 12v

Save you can have your complete team of TW9 machines completely customized.

Pack V2 Custom + Pen Custom TW9

€910.00 Regular Price
€750.00Sale Price
  • Los pedidos de fuera de la UE pueden llevar sobrecargos debidos a tasas aduaneras, estos deben ser abonados por el cliente.

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