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Composed of a bushless motor with an operating range of 4 to 12 V, with a speed of 10,000 rpm at 8v, that is, 166.66 Hz, perfect for shadow work, drag pointillism, fillings, fine lines...
Travel available in 3.6 mm or 4.2 mm, adjustable at the needle exit using a threaded grip.

Just like our coil machine, you can customize the colors of the Pen body in one or more colors. Available in a multitude of baked textured paints (Turquoise, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, White, Magenta, Yellow, Orange, Army Green, Blue, Bronze...)

Just talk to us on Instagram @tw9machines and we will show you all the options you have. of customization.

Technical characteristics:
Travel: 3.6 mm / 4.2 mm.
Grip diameter: 38 mm.
Length: 100mm.
Weight: 160 gr.
Connection to the battery via RCA.
Made of high quality aluminum.
Brushless motor
PRM range: 8V-10000rpm
Working voltage: 4.5-12v
Max. voltage: 12v

Get your completely personalized PEN, don't wait any longer!!!

Pen Custom TW9

€480.00 Regular Price
432,00 €Sale Price

Summer Sale

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