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The idea of ​​creating a CUSTOM machine comes to give you the possibility of developing that machine that you have in your head, both aesthetically and functionally, the machines are painted with textured baked paint, and it is also possible to configure it for use with CARTRIDGES and with CONVENTIONAL NEEDLE .

It includes personalized advice depending on the type of work you want it to develop (Machine for cartridges, fine lines, thick lines...), changing the number of turns of the winding, configuration of straps and different types of capacitors with SMT technology.

Aesthetically we can change the color of the body, the color of the heat shrink, or customize the coils with an animation character from your childhood or whatever you want.

Now you can have your TW9 LIMITED EDITION machine, BY AND FOR YOU!

When making the purchase, put your contact telephone number or email in the text box and we will contact you to discuss personalization.

With the new Grip Dual TW9 you have the option of working with both TRADITIONAL ROD and CARTRIDGES, thanks to its innovative 3-piece interchangeable system with self-locking system.

Thanks to its knurling, it makes it easier to grip when wrapping with tape.
It has two oven-painted black rods of 85mm and 90mm so that they can be used with all types of machines.
It features a black anodized finish and aluminum body.

For tips (long tubes) of 8 mm diameter.

The V2 + GRIP DUAL set weighs 250 grams.

Pack V2 Machine Custom + Grip DUAL

€515.00 Regular Price
€480.00Sale Price
  • Orders from outside the EU may carry surcharges due to customs fees, these must be paid by the customer.

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